The entire world was caught off-guard by the global COVID-19 pandemic Governments & Corporations
around the world have had to suspend operations, but we decided to step up & fight back like the many
courageous Frontliner Police & Healthcare personnel who are mobilizing to protext & serve all of us.
The Team at PASS volunteered to work round the clock to build and launch a smart, fair, easy-to-use
system to register citizens needing a Pass to live and care for their loved ones.

We are on your side and are giving our very best to get you the PASS that you urgently need.
The system has made leaps & bounds in the past few days and we are 100% sure you will be happy with
the upgraded, easy to yse system that is 100% compliant with the City Government's mandate to ensure
all valid applicants who truly need a PASS are granted one. We all need to sacrifice during these times
but rest assured you who need the PASS the most shall be granted one. We promise to rush faster to get
your PASS, especially for those of you who registered first. We won't let you down.

- The Founders